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The worst mining disaster in American History occurred in the community of Monongah, West Virginia on December 6, 1907. On that dreadful day, 362 men and boys lost their lives. Some say the number is closer to 500.

On January 2, 2006, another mine disaster in West Virginia occurred at Sago, West Virginia, and resulted in the deaths of 12 miners.

Then on January 20, 2006 . . . yet another mining accident has happened at the Aracoma mine near Mellville, West Virginia. Unfortunately, two more miners lives have been lost.

February 2, 2006 . . . Two more coal miners have died in separate accidents in Boone County, West Virginia.

You'd think that with the history of accomplishment, sacrifice and tragedy that exist in the annals of West Virginia mining, there would be a day set aside for acknowledgment.

But no, there isn't such a day exclusively dedicated to miners. At least not yet

Let's change that by petitioning the West Virginia State Legislature to proclaim a "Miner's Day" in commemoration of our miners. A day of reflection when we can show appreciation for the sacrifices, honor the accomplishments and remember the tragedies that these hard working individuals experienced. Without miners, civilization could not exist. They are an integral part of its foundation.

December 6 would be an appropriate date, out of particular respect to the Monongah Disaster, whose one-hundredth anniversary will be in 2007.

If you believe in this concept, would you please consider signing the on-line petition and encourage others to do so, too?

And if you don't mind, when you sign the petition, consider including your city and state information in the address option.

Thank you for your support! The link to the petition is in the button below.

Delegate Linda Longstreth, of Marion County, is interested and willing to champion this cause. If you wish, you may contact her at:

Delegate Linda Longstreth
State Capitol
Building 1, Room 225-E
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305

Capitol phone: 304•340•3118

e-mail: llongstr@mail.wvnet.edu

Perhaps the creation of "Miner's Day" will in some way help result in something more important...an elimination of accidents and these tragic events. Maybe the establishment of "Miner's Day" in West Virginia will lead to one being created on a national level, and even an "International Miner's Day", too. A day to recognize all miners of all professions for all they have given and continue to provide to the world! Good things for miners that we can all hope and pray for!

The banner for this Miner's Day web page was created using a picture from wvpics.com

Thanks for your support! Creed Holden, grassroots organizer, Fairmont, WV.

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